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7 Valid Reasons To Quit Your Job And Become An Entrepreneur

To most people, becoming an entrepreneur seem like a dangerous and scary move to make. They want the smooth ride. They don’t want to be the ones taking those tough business decisions. They are scared of losses which is sometimes experienced in the business. They are afraid of being looked up to and leading other people.

So even though they admire other entrepreneurs and would love to be one themselves, they chicken out and instead choose the easy way out; the way of the employees.

Every one of us burns through 40 or more hours of our week in one type of work or the other. But that time could be spent accomplishing something you cherish rather than something that makes you hopeless and unfulfilled.

Yes entrepreneurship isn’t for everybody, but if you’ve always wanted to be in full control of your life, if you really want to have your complete freedom, if you have always wanted to be your boss and get the opportunity to set your calendar, then entrepreneurship is what you should be looking to dive into.

In this article, we have compiled some solid reasons as to why you should consider quitting that unfulfilling and stressful job and spend those precious hours working on something that is yours, something that makes you happy.

7 Reasons Why You Should Become An Entrepreneur

1. The Chance To Control Your Fate.

When you work a 9-5 job, you’re totally at the mercy of your bosses and the organisation you work with. They can choose to fire you at any given time with no explanation whatsoever. They alone decide how you spend your eight-plus working hours consistently and what occurs in those eight hours influences you past that time.

You have little control of your time, and your reward? a paycheck, barely enough to fund your day to day bills.

But as an entrepreneur, you have the opportunity of choosing your working hours and can even decide to take time off to visit family and friends.
This is one freedom you cannot get working for someone else.

2. You, Will, Be Your Boss.

While working at an organisation as an employee, it doesn’t matter whether you like your boss or not; you still will always have to do all that which he wants you to do. Even if what he is asking of you is too tasking, you have little to no choice as you cannot fire him.

But as an entrepreneur, you are the boss; you are in command, you give the orders!! Granted you are going to be meeting some demanding clients, but you can always decide whether to work with them or fire them which is not possible in paid employment.

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3. A Chance To Make Unlimited Income.

As an employee, your earning potentials will be very limited as you cannot earn more than what has been bargained. Agreed, you may get an increment in your salary at some point in time, but that’s just it. No matter how well the company progresses, your salary may always remain the same while the owner of the business smiles to the bank now and then.

Now imagine how much you could be earning every single day if you own the business.
You can even expand the business and create other branches which would have been impossible had you been working under someone.

4. You Can Achieve Your Dreams.

You must have dreamt of being a great individual at some point in your life, of course, every one of us has, but the hard truth remains; achieving those dreams working as an employee will be a hard task to surmount if not outright impossible.


Here is a testimony from Kristen R. Edens, founder of
According to her, she used to work as an exercise physiologist (with a Masters Degree) but decided to quit in 2008 to pursue her dream as a freelance writer.

Here are her very own words :

“I quit my job as an exercise physiologist (with a Master’s degree) in 2008 to pursue my preferred career as a freelance writer.

I loved my job but hated corporate politics. The commute, salary, gas prices, and scheduled hours made it more expensive to work than not to work. Lastly, I wasn’t challenged enough.

In addition to quitting my job, I was unaware of the economic recession building at that time and was in the process of divorce. Things were tough, but it motivated me to put all my focus on my business. I started with zero and built it up.

Every day I continue to see it grow and succeed. Success is defined in many ways, and I describe it as pursuing what makes me happy and solving problems that others dread.”

Need I say more? No, I don’t think so!

5. Your Age Don’t Matter.

As an entrepreneur, it doesn’t matter how old you are. It doesn’t matter whether you are 21,16 or 83. You would still be called the boss and continue to rub shoulders with the big boys.

We cannot say the same for a paid employee, as you cannot be employed except you attain a certain age and after the company or organisation must have finished using all your youth and discovered that you are spent and would no longer be useful to them, then would they decide to fire or retire you and sometimes with no pension or gratuity.

6. You Can Help Change The World!!!

As an entrepreneur, your business can help change the world in so many ways.
Through your business, jobs will be created for the masses, and you will be putting smiles on the faces of your customers with the product you built, you can even help non-profits organisations.

It’s fulfilling to contribute to society meaningfully as an entrepreneur.

7. You Would Be Leaving Behind A Legacy.

The company, Ford Motors, was founded on the 16th of June 1903 and has been in existence ever since, passing from one generation to the other, for over 115 years. That’s the power of entrepreneurship. It enables you to leave behind a legacy for your kids and loved ones.

As an entrepreneur, you have the power of handing over your business to who you deem fit with nobody rising to question your decision.
But you cannot hand over your paid employment job to anyone.


There are over a thousand and one reasons why you should join the bandwagon of entrepreneurship, but if I continue to list them, I may not drop my pen today.

Although being an entrepreneur has its disadvantages, but they are very few when compared to the numerous sufferings and difficulties you will encounter as an employee.

So I hope this article came in good time to convince you to toss that CV into the trash bin and look towards the future of entrepreneurship.

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