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10 Reasons To Start A Blogging Business In Nigeria?

The percentage of those who give up shortly after starting a blogging business in Nigeria is very high: one of the main reasons is that many do not need to create one.

Sometimes you confuse creating a website or a blog to a sort of pastime to dedicate to when you are less busy; but let me reveal a secret to you, a truth that many times is underestimated or even ignored: creating a blog and making it work is a real job on its own. 

If you don’t dedicate the right constancy and the right commitment to your blog, whether you want to earn online, make yourself known, promote the products or services of your organisation or business, or for any other reason whatsoever, you’ll end up like most people who fail.

Creating a blog is a promise, a commitment that you make with your readers, a commitment that you must respect.

Did I frighten you?

Oh well, if you arrived at this site determined to start a blogging business in Nigeria, and make a change in your life or to get your business up and running,  then I don’t think I did.

Before starting your adventure in the powerful world of blogging and content creation, it’s good to know if you need to create a blog and why you should do it.

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The ” Big Why “,  the motivation that drives you to consider creating a blogging business in Nigeria, is the fuel that will power your blogging activity, it will help you keep yourself constant in creating content, and move around like a missile in the debris of space, differentiating yourself from the rest of the people and the competition.


Ten reasons to start a blogging business in Nigeria

To start blogging in Nigeria

The purpose of this article is to help you understand why you need to create a blog. Here are ten questions to answer that will lead you to start a blogging business in Nigeria

1. Do you want to create a better future?

Creating a successful blog is for many an incredible opportunity to change their future.

Thanks to the blog:

  1. many have found a new job (without even looking for it)
  2. others have doubled or tripled the revenue and turnover of their business
  3. others have created automatic income
  4. some multinationals have formed thought leadership, building a large following of possible clients
  5. Other companies, on the other hand, have flattened out to eliminate the bad reputation that had been established among consumers concerning their products.

2. Do you want to help others and make an impact on their lives?

Creating a successful blog means, first of all, writing for others: only in this way will the contents that are published attract the interest of someone.

Every one of us has had to face and solve some problems one way or another, an issue that will inevitably arise in front of other individuals. The first idea of building a blog is to solve the problems of others by telling about experiences, successes, failures, and the techniques used in overcoming obstacles.

Doing so will inevitably have a positive impact on the lives of those who read the contents of your blog.

3. Do you want to stand out from the crowd and the competition?

Most people do not have a blog; many companies are not online or on social media with the right content; most individuals work in mediocrity.

There is so much mediocrity in the world that, if you do things with more quality and consistency than the average, as well as with a good strategy, you will position yourself in a pedestal with respect to the rest of the mass. 

With the blog, you can become a missile that makes its way through the floating debris of space.

Think about it, how many, compared to those who work in your sector or who are interested in your topic, publish punctual content on a blog? Definitely a tiny percentage: to differentiate yourself you have to be part of that percentage!


4. Do you want to earn online?

Although in many cases, the blog does not necessarily have to be a direct income tool.

Many are those who started a blogging business in Nigeria to make money online and have succeeded successfully.

It is true that to have fun blogging; you don’t necessarily have to earn something. In many cases, the idea of ​​making money with your blog could preclude the pleasure of blogging. But it is also true that in addition to entertainment, the blog can bring many other benefits, including just that of obtaining an automatic income.

Having said that, whether you could get £30 a month or £200,000 a month, it’s still pretty cool to have a hobby that allows you to earn.

5. Do you want to learn more about a particular topic?

Managing a blog regularly also means learning new things on a particular topic. The blogging action coincides with an evolutionary and educational path not only for the reader but also for those who publish content.

You can blog, as we have said, to help others by teaching something you do very well. But you can also help others by sharing what you are currently learning, or your learning path in a particular field, reporting all the successes, but also the failures of the case.

6. Do you want to create a network of influential people with the same interests as you?

No matter what happens through comments, e-mails, social media or other types of channels, you will be surprised by how quickly you will meet new people on the web. More than knowing, you will make real relationships that will be useful both for you and for those who will work with you.

After spending several months with my blogging business in Nigeria, I realised how helpful online people could be and offer their help for free. The only thing you need to do is to return the favours in the best way and always behave with transparency and availability.

Establishing relationships is one of the critical elements for achieving success with a blog.

7. Do you want to start a new business?

The fact is that the blog itself can be a huge business opportunity. Many are those who have turned their blog into a new business or have used it as a tool to explore what they already had.

This opportunity also introduces the next point.

8. Do you want to make your products or services known and increase the turnover of your company?

If you have products or you plan to create new ones, then you should consider launching a blogging business in Nigeria as it is an incredible opportunity to attract customers for free.

If you post content that talks about your products or services, or tutorials, tips and other related content, you will be able to attract a type of audience interested in what you offer and consequently promote your business for free.

9. Do you want to generate traffic for free?

Through the production of content, it becomes much easier to generate qualified traffic steadily and for free, unlike a website with static pages.

Google prefers, in addition to quality ones, even recent and updated content, as well as the readers themselves, who will subscribe to your RSS feeds, your mailing list or social media channels to know when you will release new content.

In parallel, social media such as Facebook, Twitter and all other channels will help you bring more traffic through reader reshares.


10. Do you want to position yourself as an expert?

Blogging will put you in the position of an expert.

Now you may tell me: ” But I’m not an expert! “.

I’ll tell you a secret:

anyone is an expert in the eyes of those who know less than him on a particular topic.

As you write online and publish your knowledge on the net, you are automatically labelled an expert on a specific type of topic. There is always someone who needs to solve problems or needs that you have already overcome, and therefore you are necessarily more expert than him.

Positioning yourself as an expert will significantly increase your readers’ trust in you.

So, should you start a blogging business in Nigeria?

If at least one of your answers to these questions is ” Yes ” then it means that you need to start blogging in Nigeria. 

The blog is the right opportunity to do it; help others, create new businesses or grow existing ones, make money online, position yourself as an expert, build a network of meaningful relationships and collaborations: these are all elements that will positively change your life.

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