Register your business name in Nigeria with CAC

Register Your Business Name In Nigeria In Easy Steps

So, I was having this discussion with a friend, and I asked him”would you consider to register your business name in Nigeria?” and he was like “is that still relevant?”. I giggled and proceeded to tell him how necessary it still is. Registering a business…

Google My Business page

Google My Business – Everything You Need To Know

Google My Business is another product offered by Google for free and is used mainly by local businesses. It is designed for local businesses because it offers them online tools allowing them to have a contact window with users, prospects and customers. If you have…

How to start a pure water production business in Nigeria

Pure Water Production Business In Nigeria – All You Need To Know

Pure water production business in Nigeria is still thriving and it’s a fantastic investment you could ever think of making. However, it is no child’s play as it requires quite a considerable amount of money to start up. When starting a pure water production business…

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