25 Very Important Characteristics of an entrepreneur

Having an entrepreneurial spirit means living on the edge, dreaming great things, believing in your abilities, and doing everything possible to make it a reality.

Entrepreneurs are a unique species, and this is because they not only think, but also act differently.

Below we’ve listed some important characteristics of an entrepreneur, most of which every entrepreneur should possess if they are to succeed in their various entrepreneurial endeavors.

The idea of this topic is to enable you identify those characteristics which you already have so that you can manage to improve them satisfactorily, or that you can work on those you are lacking to emerge triumphant in your business.

But first things first, 

Some people tend to think that most successful entrepreneurs of today were born with an entrepreneurial spirit. That it is only those who were born with some certain traits that will be able to succeed in the entrepreneur’s world.

This is a very wrong ideology because no matter how bad you think you are, you can always be better with determination and practice. You can always succeed as an entrepreneur irrespective of who you are as long as you are willing to learn the ways of the entrepreneur.

Would you like to know if you have the potential to succeed as an entrepreneur? Well, in this article we will be looking at what the most important characteristics of an entrepreneur are so that you will be fully prepared to be completely successful with your business.

We want to help you identify the qualities that you already have, as well as to develop the ones that you lack so that you can conquer all your goals with a complete winning attitude.

Characteristics of an entrepreneur:

Characteristics of an entrepreneur

Before starting a business it is imperative that you know the main characteristics of an entrepreneur that will guarantee you the path to success.

In the following lines we will tell you the characteristics of an entrepreneur that will help you succeed.

And although there are different types of entrepreneurs, they all share certain things in common which includes :

1. They are great Leaders:

Starting a business not only requires courage, but also a great deal of leadership.

The good news is that this is a skill that you can develop with dedication and effort, so do not worry if you feel that you were not born a natural leader.

It is undeniable that to lead work teams satisfactorily you need to exercise an active leadership, either in your company, startup , or in any other area where you develop as an entrepreneur.

Only then will you be able to transmit your vision and passion to the rest of your colleagues, and they will be 100% motivated to perform their tasks with professionalism, commitment and ethics.

2. Entrepreneurs should be passionate about what they do:

This is one of the best characteristics of an entrepreneur.

Although young entrepreneurs are usually much more passionate, the common similarity between people who dare to undertake is that they have a passion for what they do.

And this makes a lot of sense, because passion is like gasoline that keeps you active, focused and determined, not giving up until you achieve the success you’ve always wanted.

Everyone has their own passion: music, arts, sports, travel, among others. It is a matter of you discovering what your life purpose is and you cling to it to build the life you have always dreamed of.

If you are passionate about what you do, you will be able to overcome the problems with success and you will even be able to turn your weaknesses into strengths.

3. They are great visionaries:

Having a vision is one of the most important characteristics of an entrepreneur.

This implies visualizing or projecting your business both in the immediate future and in the long term: say in the next 5, 10, 15 or 20 years.

The purpose is to ensure that you are clear with what you must do to make your project last over time. And to achieve that, you should ask yourself this series of questions:

  • How would you like your project to be in the years to come?
  • In what way will your company change the life of your target audience?
  • With what attributes would you like people to associate your project as a result of the work you do?

Having a vision is not something you should take lightly. Believe it or not, this is one of the characteristics of an entrepreneur that will help you the most to visualize your goals successfully, since it will allow you to define a strategic plan to make them a reality.

4. They make good Planners:

If you do not plan, it will be very difficult for you to achieve success. This is an almost irrefutable truth, and therefore, keeping an agenda will save you a lot of headaches.

Improvisation is simply not allowed when starting a project, much less when you aspire to have a profitable business.

Consequently, you must maintain order and plan your activities, tasks, assignments, meetings, and ultimately to the smallest detail concerning your company.

Do not hesitate to plan your days, weeks and months in great detail so that you do not miss anything, and above all, so that you are aware of the work you are doing and that which is still pending.

6. Entrepreneurial spirit:

Unquestionably having an entrepreneurial spirit is fundamental to seeing ideas as new business opportunities and professional growth, instead of assuming them as potential risks.

It’s like the spark that will keep you motivated to follow your instincts and cling to your greatest passions to reach the pinnacle of success.

Do you see yourself as one not having an entrepreneurial spirit? If so, do not worry because the truth is that you can develop it with dedication and discipline through entrepreneurship courses or other related training.

7. Entrepreneurs show keen interest in learning:

One of the main characteristics of an entrepreneur is the deep interest he has in lifelong learning.

This is because he is aware that the lack of training, preparation and learning can lead to the loss of great opportunities to grow his business.

In this sense, he worries about consulting the best books on entrepreneurship, sales, finance, marketing, advertising or technology, to take his company to the next level.  

8. He is not afraid of uncertainty:

It could be said that not fearing uncertainty is the hallmark of all entrepreneurs.

This is attributed to their ability to spot opportunities instead of risks or threats, even in situations where they do not control all the variables.

9. He is Resilient:

One of the great characteristics of an entrepreneur is resilience, which is nothing more than the ability to overcome problems, or difficult times, with the full conviction that you can succeed.

Undoubtedly, most successful entrepreneurs are resilient, and therefore, they do not have a hard time getting up after failing with some of their projects.

They understand that everything is a process, and that failures are sources of learning to try again with greater intelligence.

10. He is a creative thinker:

Creativity is fundamental to turn ideas into businesses, as well as to innovate, or find timely and effective solutions in the midst of conflicts, chaos or situations of risk.

In essence, a creative entrepreneur is capable of creating, and that is why he gives so much importance to strengthening and enriching his creative thinking.

What’s more, entrepreneurship is an invitation to do different things, it is to have the ability to dream with your feet on the ground.

How to know if you have the creativity to be an entrepreneur?

  • You are one of those who live thinking about how to do things in a different way.
  • You do not settle for what everyone does and you question the dogmas and paradigms.
  • You imagine the world functioning in a different way, and on top of that you are willing to work for this to happen.

11. Emotional intelligence:

Entrepreneurship is full of uncertainty, risks and difficulties that arise at the same time.

In this sense, one of the best characteristics of an entrepreneur is his emotional intelligence because it allows him to skillfully handle his emotions and feelings.

Think about it, how would you react if your business goes bankrupt? You would probably feel that it is the end of the world, but if you have worked on your emotional intelligence you will understand that this is just an opportunity to start a new project from scratch.

12. Persistence:

Successful entrepreneurs insist and persist until they achieve their goals. And no matter how many times they fall, they will always get a reason to stand up and try again.

They are persistent by nature, which keeps them in tune with the conquest of their ideals and with the fact of clinging to their passions and talents to achieve everything they set out to do.

They do not accept a “no” response, they do not conform; on the contrary, they persist until reaching the goal no matter how many difficult moments they have to face and overcome in the process.

13. Adaptation to change:

Entrepreneurs have an enormous capacity to adapt to changes with integrity, firmness and maturity.

They do not die to death if something does not go as planned, or even if their venture should evolve towards a proposal that had not been raised initially.

They do not waste time regretting when something needs to be improved or changed, but they make assertive decisions to implement quick solutions that significantly benefit their company.

14. He is highly motivated:

Motivation is crucial to start a business, but above all, to continue working day after day with impetus, energy and a positive attitude.

It is not enough to start; it is imperative that you stay constantly motivated, or else you will end up giving up before tasting the honeys of success.

15. Entrepreneurs show great discipline:

Discipline is nothing more than doing what you must do to complete your assignments successfully.

It’s like a muscle you develop on your own. No one can do it for you, but the reward is that once you learn good disciplinary habits you will be 100% on track to success.

In case you need to improve your disciplinary skills, here we leave you a guide to master self-discipline.

16. Financial intelligence:

Knowing how to manage your money, investments and finances plays a vital role when giving an opportunity to entrepreneurship.

In simpler words: being smart – financially speaking – is another of the characteristics of an entrepreneur that will help you make big financial decisions.

When you are an entrepreneur you will have to make many decisions, and therefore it is vital that you develop your financial intelligence in such a way that money does not become a problem within your business.

17. Ability to work with others:

This is one of the characteristics of an entrepreneur that is about understanding that teamwork yields better results, as long as all its members are focused on achieving a common good: the success of the company.

Knowing how to choose your partners and the people with whom you work represents a fundamental point when it comes to achieving success and avoiding major problems.

18. Possesses high self-esteem:

A successful entrepreneur has high self-esteem, is self-confident and does not break easily.

This characteristic of an entrepreneur helps him to overcome his fears, to trust in his abilities, and to believe that nothing is impossible for him.

Surely you will have to face moments where people doubt you, where you do not feel prepared for the challenge you must assume, having a good self-esteem will be key to trusting yourself.

19. He is full of Optimism:

An entrepreneur does not waste time complaining, Instead he shows a winning attitude and faces his realities with the greatest possible optimism.

There is no room for pessimism, on the contrary, that time is used to devise new ways of getting ahead with the greatest enthusiasm, motivation and discipline.

20. He is highly initiative:

An entrepreneur does not wait for someone else to tell him what to do; instead, he takes the initiative at all times.

He is always ready to propose solutions, to adopt changes that will improve his product or service, and of course, to innovate so as not to lose its competitiveness in the market.

Entrepreneurship requires a huge initiative of its own. When you decide to undertake, you will not have someone on top telling you that you have to turn in your work, nor a clock telling you when you can get up from your desk …

You do not need this pressure, you already have it.

You understand that you are responsible for your goals and what you want to achieve, so you do not need someone to monitor you so that you comply with the obligations.

Your entrepreneurial mindset lets you know where you want to go and how you intend to do it. And more importantly, you will not rest until you get it.

21. Shows great Integrity:

Integrity is a main edge of success, regardless of whether you are an employee or an entrepreneur, and this is something that both figures fully understand.

Being a person of integrity means that you will not try to hurt anyone to achieve your goals, so the famous phrase that “the end justifies the means” does not have anything to do with you in any way.

22. Has deep force of will:

Without this characteristic, it would be impossible to achieve success.

The willpower to fight for your dreams until you see them materialised. This willpower will push to keep growing personally and professionally.

Motivation is important, but without willpower you will not have the courage and discipline necessary to get up every morning to undertake your projects.

23. Successful entrepreneurs are salespeople, not just visionaries:

The term “sales” has a fairly broad focus. These can be applied to many situations, beyond the sales department of a company.

As an entrepreneur, you will not only sell your ideas to potential clients, but you must convince your investors, employees, colleagues and even your family.

The success of the entrepreneur lies in his ability to sell his ideas to the world.


Sales consist of persuasion, which is a characteristic of a fundamental entrepreneur to become a great leader.

This does not mean that successful entrepreneurs should not be visionaries; since without a vision there is hardly a business. However, the seller role is usually more important than the idea itself, since a good sales work can lead to transform simple ideas into great business stories.

24. He is very Competitive in nature:

In general, entrepreneurs do not like to lose. It would even bother them when someone or a rival overcomes them, since they are aware that they could have done better.

Are you willing to improve your weaknesses and strengthen your skills?

Then you should understand as an entrepreneur the importance of change and innovation, you should be aware that this world is changing minute by minute, and that new skills are required every time to be competitive in your specialised sector.

25. An entrepreneur works really hard:

Many people say that success does not consist in working hard, but in working intelligently. How false!

Success is the combination of both hard and intelligent work. And you, who feel that you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur, should be willing to work both ways.

Entrepreneurs are willing to work on weekends, because regardless of their commitments and responsibilities, their desire and purpose to undertake is more important than any excuse.

Hard work is synonymous with perseverance, is synonymous with being willing to beat yourself over any reason not to do so.

Are you ready to start?

In this article, you’ve discovered 25 characteristics of an entrepreneur that will help you succeed with your endeavors, business or projects.

The idea is to strengthen those you already have, or work on the development of new skills or abilities that will allow you to become an entrepreneur fully prepared for success.


Thanks for reading and please share with your friends and family.

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