How To Make Money In Nigeria With Your Talents – 10 Ways

Have you been searching all over the Internet for how to make money in Nigeria with your talents and with that, be able to earn a living doing what you love?

In spite of it being a desire of many to engage in what they love while being able to earn a living out of it, some people still think that this is impossible. 

The good news is that we are here to tell you that this type of activity is more possible than you can imagine. We are about to show you how to make money in Nigeria with your talents.

Join us in this post until the end, as we show you the different ways to make money in Nigeria using your talents.

Are you curious? Then we go to what interests us

Before going ahead to show you how to make money in Nigeria with your talents, we will like to give some helpful tips to enable you discover those talents of yours no matter how hidden they may be. 

But first of all,

What really is a talent? 

Talent is when you have the natural ability to learn and do something especially without being taught.

Often we have talents so intrinsic that we do not even notice that it is a skill. It can be anything!

From knowing how to care for plants, achieving socialization very easily, being good at practicing certain sports, drawing creativity, to mention but a few. 

How to discover your talents

Some people have explicit talents, others have not yet discovered what they are really good at, but we know that we all have some ability!

To discover some of your talents you need to answer the following questions honestly. If possible, write them on a piece of paper so you can consult them later:

  • What are your main activities outside work?
  • What activities have you always liked, but have stopped practicing for lack of time?
  • When was the last time you lost the notion of time doing an activity? What activity was it?
  • What are the activities that you do not need help to carry out?
  • What do you like to talk about?
  • If there was no money, what would you like to do for fun?
  • What kind of activity do you really want to start developing?
  • What are your favorite reading topics?
  • What do the people you teach ask you?
  • What are your strengths?

After answering them you will have a real picture about yourself, which can give you an insight on the type of talent you possess, which will be a good start in learning how to make money in Nigeria doing what you love.


Ready to see how to make money in Nigeria with your talents? Then fasten your seat belt while I take you on a ride.

How to make money in Nigeria with your talents


How to make money in Nigeria


Having gotten a clearer picture about yourself and your talents, you should create a list of actions you think you can achieve with those talents of yours to help other people.

Thinking about that, we select some items that can guide you on your way in discovering how to make money in Nigeria. 

1. Teaching classes

The first on our list of how to make money in Nigeria with your talents is by teaching classes.

Every day, thousands of people seek knowledge. Therefore, why not think if you can help them in some way?

Is there a subject or topic you know you are very good at? It is important to know that people are constantly looking for someone to teach them.

Even if you are not a teacher, you can offer your classes for the maximum number of people interested in a topic that you like, whether private or group classes.

And do not think that you need to teach only foreign languages ​​or school subjects. It is possible to teach things like sewing, crafts, music and any other subject you think you can handle. 

Once you achieve the loyalty of your students you can decide how much you can take advantage of your classes. This is undoubtedly one of the best ways to earn money doing what you like!

2. Offer consulting services

Are you always getting praises for your dress sense everytime? Then you can provide consulting services and help people improve their appearance.

Do you know how to organize a house like nobody else? Why don’t you offer your service to organize the environments in a more functional and practical way?

Do you know how to manage money well? An excellent idea is to help people to complete the management of their finances and learn to invest money.

The ideas for consulting are endless. In addition, some companies hire professionals who have in-depth and technical knowledge on specific topics to provide consulting services and improve the performance of a given sector. If you have a good track record and have generated good results with your work, you can become a great consultant!

3. Work as a freelancer

If you know how to write or edit videos, for example, one of the ways to make money in Nigeria with your talents is by working independently, dedicating yourself to other people and companies in your free time.

This is a very sought after niche mainly for those who do not want to leave their conventional work, but still want to generate more income in their free time .

In addition, many people choose to work as a freelancer to control their own time, generate income traveling the world and have more autonomy in general.

You can offer your skills to the people you know and who need what you do. But if you do not have contact with an audience that needs independent work, there are many sites that provide communication between independent professionals and companies that need sporadic jobs, such as Workana and Freelancer .

As you do projects, you gain more reputation in these sites and you are guaranteed more jobs. In addition, you become more known and manage to assemble a portfolio to offer to people who are not on these platforms.

4. Sell your artwork

Do you have a good photographic eye and take incredible photos?

Besides working as an independent photographer, which fits in the previous advice, it may be that people are interested in your work, but you have to know where to expose it.

Websites like Shutter Stock , and Dreamstime buy professional photos to compose their image banks and you can be one of those providers. In addition, you can also go to physical stores and present your work, be it photography, illustration or painting, and offer it to be exhibited in exchange for a commission.

And this advice does not only serve for photographers, designers and painters. If you have any manual skills you can start selling your products. Bar soaps, liquid soaps, personalized gifts, homemade sweets … There are many options that you can explore to discover how to make money in Nigeria. 

5. Offer your services at home

Still talking about how to make money in Nigeria with your talents, one other way is to offer your services in your vicinity.

For example, if you love cooking and you have talent for gourmet cooking, how about offering your service as a chef? Today many people hire cooks to prepare meals on parties with family and friends.

If your hobby is singing, what do you think about offering to entertain people at parties and other types of events?

Do you love children or pets? How about taking care of them in their homes on weekends?

Think about the skills you have that could be useful for people in their homes. You will surely find something very interesting!

6. Create a blog

Do you like to write?

Then one of the ways to earn money in Nigeria may be to have a blog of your own .

The secret is to build a blog that deals with issues that people are really looking for on the Internet, clarifying their doubts about the subject in a complete, clear and entertaining way. This way your site will have many visits and, consequently, more authority.

Think about the interests of your audience and create content that can help people solve everyday problems in their area of ​​action.

This strategy is also very interesting for those who created or want to sell an online course. This is because with blog entries, you can generate value to your potential customers who, little by little, will understand that your product is the best solution for them.

It is also possible to monetize your blog with Google Adsense program, a program that will allow you to places ads on the spaces on your blog to advertise and you start earning money for each click on the banners displayed on your site. You can also earn from other advertising companies. 

Do you like this idea? Then it’s time to start writing and generating revenue with your blog!

7. Create a channel on YouTube

Still on how to make money in Nigeria with your talents, offering useful or fun content on YouTube can be an excellent opportunity to generate income while doing something you like.

This idea is very similar to the previous one, but is focused mainly on videos.

There are many niche markets and topics that can be explored on the web, such as gastronomy, fashion, languages, humor, videogames, finance and much more.

The most famous youtubers manage to generate very attractive figures on the platform . And the most interesting thing is that you can earn money with ads and also as a digital influencer, recommending brand products or participating in events, for example.

But it is necessary to clarify that to succeed on the platform you must, first increase awareness by getting many subscribers on YouTube.

8. Create an online course

Do you have a talent that you can teach other people? So an excellent option is to  create an online course , because you can do it from your home, probably without investing money and, also, sell it to people around the world.

Studying online has been the choice of thousands of people in recent years, because they can learn with more flexibility, in the hours they want and from anywhere.

Therefore, take advantage of all the technology that the online universe offers and create your own infoproduct.

9. Create an ebook

The ebook or digital book is a type of infoproduct different from the online course, but also has many advantages.

Creating an ebook is an excellent option for those who know how to write well and want to teach content in a practical, easy and fast way.

If you have a talent for cooking, for example, you can create a recipe book. Or if you love to travel, you can create ebooks with travel tips from different tourist cities.

Creating a digital book is easy and you can do it using Internet tools.

10. Work as an Affiliate

Have you heard the term “Affiliate”?

This is one of the several words you need to know in the digital market . Anyway, and to help you better understand who this person is, we offer you a brief explanation:

An Affiliate is someone who promotes products of other people/sites, with the aim of generating sales. After each successful sale, the Affiliate earns a commission for it.

It is very common for affiliate marketing to be carried out to disseminate digital products. In addition, you can use various forms of disclosure to make sales.

If you already work in sales or are very good at spreading products and selling them to those around you, your search for how to make money in Nigeria may just come to a close. It is possible to work online without creating a product, you just have to choose something to market.

How to earn more money while enjoying your passions?

We were anxious to get to this topic because perhaps it is key and decisive when it comes to learning how to make money in Nigeria. 

Think of scalability

Do you know what it means to think about scalability ?

It means thinking about how to sell your knowledge (which is also your product) to as many people as possible.

You can be an amazing teacher and have an agenda full of classes every day. But the day has only 24 hours and if for example, you give private lessons of English for one hour per class, you will manage to give a maximum of 24, without considering that you will have to eat and sleep, and possibly move if the classes are not all in the same place.

Therefore, it would be difficult to serve all the people who want your service, and that would affect your income, which would not reach the maximum.

That is why the simplest way to reach many people and bring your knowledge around the world is using the advantages that the Internet provides us.

That is what the online business market allows you to do , designed to boost many businesses, and that, of course, can also happen to you!

Instead of face-to-face classes, why not record the video classes and transmit them in an online course?

This type of strategy does not apply only to teachers of subjects taught in schools. A fashion consultant, for example, can write a complete ebook about combinations of colors and pieces, just as a painter can create an online course on the best techniques for painting walls.

Internet is available to all who have something to teach. You just need to think about what the best format to spread your knowledge is and then how to make money in Nigeria with your talents. 

Advantages of digital business

By managing your own digital product, you can work from anywhere in the world, needing only a computer and Internet, which is a great advantage, especially if you want to travel or spend more time with your family .

Of course being your own boss will require a little more work, even more if you want to scale your business quickly. However, the Internet is there to help us, and that includes your digital businesses.

You can automate your business so you can work 24 hours a day, 7 times a week. And you will still have the possibility to expand your business internationally.

How to disclose your work?

Regardless of which of the ways to earn money you choose, you should always focus on attracting clients/students. In the end, what is the use of having a great product to sell if people do not reach your sales page or, when they arrive, do not buy it?

There are several ways to disseminate your work , that’s why we offer you the main ones here and, in addition, the ones that guarantee you the best results!

Social networks:

Facebook, Instagram , Twitter and other social networks are fantastic ways to spread your work, especially if you build a good fan base.

Select the best channels according to your market and public niche and establish a number of daily posts.

It is necessary that you have the necessary consistency and always feed your social networks with content that may engage your followers.


As we mentioned, you can talk about almost everything in blogs and that’s a great way to show the world who you are and what you do. The idea of ​​the blog is to write interesting content that attracts the target audience you are looking for.

For example:

If you offer a course on weight loss, write about healthy eating, ways to improve the quality of life and other topics that will guide your audience to your product naturally.

Google, Facebook, Twitter and other channels open space for anyone to carry out advertising campaigns on the Internet of their products and services paying for them. These ads are also known as sponsored links.

The ads are oriented according to your target audience and the most searched keywords that are related to your service.

Email marketing:

Email is a powerful tool for you to converse directly with your audience. If you have a website, offer your visitors some forms to enter their email and receive information directly in their inboxes.

That way you can also send emails with specific content to your subscribers, such as a newsletter.


If you are looking for how to make money in Nigeria to increase your earnings, after receiving our advice it will be much easier to take the first step to generate income taking advantage of your talents and skills.

Working with what we like to do can be very pleasant, but remember that any job requires dedication, discipline and hundred percent concentration.


If you found this article helpful and you really want to take the leap to start your own business but you are afraid of doing so, then you may want to check out this article on fears you must overcome to start your own business. You can also reach out to us for help on any issues or doubts you may be having about this topic.

Thanks for reading! 

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