How To Make Money Online Marketing – 10+ Ways

How To Make Money Online Marketing: There are alternative ways to form money online in Nigeria, or from anywhere within the world. during this article, however, we might place specialize in a specific niche — Online Marketing.

Digital marketing may be a very diverse field of labor that boasts of varied fields that will be tapped into to form money online. a number of these fields require technical skills, others don’t.

We will be taking a concise check out various ways to form money online through the lenses of digital marketing.

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Make Money Online: Online Marketing

1. Content Writing/Marketing

Writing content is sort of a well-liked thanks to making money online. Companies, brands, and blog owners are always searching for people to write down great content for them.

This is a sort of digital marketing because these content are mostly targeted at generating leads, acquiring new customers, and reaching new audiences.

With content writing, you’ll decide. And most times it’s better to specialize in a specific niche. Say, write on businesses, or cars, or animals and pets. It might be anything. More preferably, write on belongings you are very hooked in to.

Asides from writing content for companies, requests for content writers on freelancing sites are quite numerous. Websites like,, have gigs that are targeted at content writers.

Also, note that “content” here could range from blog articles to social media copies to eBooks to fictional stories and everyone. 

The foremost important tools are going to be writing skills and an honest grasp of the subject.

2. Instagram Makeovers

Instagram is one of the fastest-growing social media networks within the world. Statistics have it that over 200 million (out of over a billion) Instagram users visit a minimum of one business profile daily.

Now, here’s the thing. The aesthetics of an Instagram page matter and not very many business owners have the skill to rework these pages’ aesthetics. this is often a chance to form money online.

Knowing the way to create covers that blend for Instagram highlights, creating templates for Instagram posts, writing perfect Bios are a number of the talents you’ll learn to form money by doing makeovers for people’s IG pages —majorly businesses.

3. Affiliate Marketing

Another way to form money online is affiliate marketing. Here, what you are doing is refer to people that need a specific product or service to vendors who can provide them.

Usually, affiliate marketers are given a singular link to share, promote, and refer customers through. 

This link can help track which affiliate marketer referred a customer, what percentage customers they referred, what proportion those customers spend on the platform than on.

To succeed and make money online via affiliate marketing, you would like to possess or create a distribution such once you partner with a platform to be their affiliate marketer, getting people to shop for their products would be easier.

Affiliate marketing may be a game of numbers. the upper the number of individuals referred to, the extra money you get to earn. All of those are often done solely online.

Platforms that provide affiliate marketing include Jumia, Konga, etc.

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4. Social Media Management/Marketing

Helping people manage their social media pages may be a great way to form money online. 

Celebrities, popular personalities, and businesses got to have very active social media pages and continually serve relevant content to their audience.

Helping these sets of individuals manage their pages would require you to be knowledgable on the type of audience they need to succeed in. And also how they need to be perceived as a brand.

For businesses, you would possibly need to find out the way to grow their engagements, customer base, and ultimately, sales while also dispensing quality and valuable content to retain customers.

Social Media Marketing also will require you to be ready to run and optimize Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Twitter, and LinkedIn Ads than on. 

Business owners need these ads to succeed in new customers and garner more sales.

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5. Graphic Designing

How is that this a neighborhood of Digital Marketing, you would possibly wonder. Graphic design may be a big part of Online Marketing and may assist you to make money online.

Almost all the social media platforms are either images based or encourage the utilization of images. 

To pass concise messages to users via images, the talents of a graphics designer would be needed, hence, paid for.

Learning graphics design isn’t as technical because it was already. Platforms like Canva have lowered the barrier to access and made it easy to find out and do graphics design by just dragging and dropping elements.

6. Website Design/Development

Website design may be a more technical skill that will assist you to make money online. 

Many businesses got to secure their online presence and that they do that mostly by building websites that’d contain details about their respective businesses.

Website design requires that you simply learn a variety of programming languages. Platforms like FreeCodeCamp, Codecademy, Udemy, W3schools have some free courses where you’ll learn website design.

You can read more stats about website designers/developers in Nigeria here.

7. Program Optimization

This is also another broad aspect of Digital marketing. because the name implies, you’ll be saddled with the responsibility of creating certain websites optimized for program visibility.

Many website owners need this service to enhance the probabilities of their website to be crawled by search engines. 

And given the number of internet sites currently running, it’s an excellent thanks to making money online.

Learning about SEO best practices may be a good way to start. Then offer your services to website owners which may need them.

Notable mentions:

8. Influencer Marketing

9. program Marketing

10. Email Marketing

11. Marketing Strategy

12. Domain Research

What’s left to try to do is check out these fields closely, pick which one may be a good fit, acquire the specified skills if you haven’t already and make your moves. 

Money follows value. So, to form money online, you’ve got to deliver value. And to try to do this, acquiring new skills isn’t a bargain.

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